Russell has many years of corporate finance, business operations and business turnaround experience that he can use in bringing real solutions to your business acquisition and financing opportunities.

Immediately prior to becoming a founding principal of ASA, Russell, as a consultant, developed a plan for the reorganization of a national financial services company for a major public company and its entrepreneurial partner. Russell was then appointed Chief Operating Officer and successfully implemented the plan including returning the company to profitability.

As the chief operating shareholder in a manufacturing/processing business for eight years, Russell was responsible for managing operations, conducting union, supplier and other negotiations, arranging financing, preparing financing presentations and reports and finding and negotiating business acquisitions

Before purchasing his interest in the manufacturing/processing business, Russell was a Partner in one of Canada's largest Public Accounting firms specializing in Corporate Finance.

When you engage ASA, Russell will work directly with you to optimize the results of your transaction. Your very important acquisition and financing transactions will never be turned over to a more junior person who might be at the early stage of the learning curve about corporate finance.



Many business acquisitions and financings require skill sets, specific industry knowledge and/or access to parties that may not be resident in any individual corporate finance practice. ASA has joint venture arrangements with 7 other corporate finance practices, one of which is a member of an international association with members who operate around the world, that allow ASA to bring additional resources when required. ASA regularly works on projects that are initiated by these joint venture participants when they need the skill sets, specific industry knowledge and/or access that ASA can provide.